Beautiful jewelry. Two beautiful ladies, perfect customer service. We will be back

Can't have enough of Aleksandra's jewelry

Jill Caracosta
I periodically spoil myself! I am a successful woman who owns a business. I work a lot and remember to take care of myself, but I was just lacking something. One day, I decided to give myself a small gift and bought one of Aleksandra's pieces. Wearing her jewelry makes me feel so elegant! I love Aleksandra's style and now I periodically spoil myself with another one of her beautiful creations.

I have hardly taken it off since. It really has seen a lot of abuse lol. I’m not easy on my jewelry, but it definitely stands against the torture test! Amazing quality!!!!

Stella Olmstead
Hard to Choose! 5 years ago I discovered Aleksandra's jewelry on Pinterest. I was delighted, but I had great difficulty choosing. I decided to buy something I could wear every day, not just something for special occasions. I am now a very proud owner of an exclusive brooch I recently bought from Aleksandra, my fifth purchase. I already have a whole collection of interchangeable jewelry: I can put on a large cocktail ring with a modest pendant, or instead a brooch to decorate my jacket and earrings to complete the image. I already know what I will buy from her next!

I’ve worn your pendant non-stop from the day I received it and it has been a staple to my very chaotic life lol

Mark Luber
I bought this ring as a surprise for my wife. I knew she loved this artist's design. It was easy for me to choose this particular ring because it seemed to be open and I would not have problems with resizing. She really liked it and she wears it every day. The purchase was very nicely presented and I was pleased to see my wife's joy as she unwrapped it. Now I practically don't worry about what else to get her because I see several other ideas in this store.

Tati Ziora

They are just a part of me. I really like this pair of seashell-esque earrings because I just feel comfortable and easy in them. It can happen sometimes that jewelry can be very distant from you, almost unnatural and unreal. With these earrings I feel that they are just a part of me, a natural and fluid extension of my personality. They are also incredibly well-made and passionately crafted by hand.


Rita Lukey
My close ones know how to make me happy. I have been collecting Aleksandra Vali's jewelry for many years, and I love wearing her pieces in everyday life and to nice events alike. Aleksandra's works are so beautiful and unique, so different that I just want to buy everything all at once. For me, it's very difficult to choose from her collections. My way of combating this: I pick my favorite collection, buy the piece that I will wear the most, and then save the rest of the collection to my wishlist. This way I have the excitement of anticipation, and my close ones know how to make me happy. These works always attract much attention; every single one has character, a story, and a distinct mark of the author.

Chau Lee
I used to think that I don't have a sense of style. But later on, I understood that I just couldn't afford much because I was young and did not have extra money for art. When I met AV, I fell in love with her work and I started collecting her jewelry as soon as my business grew.

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